Friday, November 5, 2010

Massage Therapy Services
Swedish Massage
Experience a massage which involves the use of traditional Swedish techniques to relieve soreness, increase circulation and induce a state of relaxation.
50 min/$65      90 min/$95
Deep Tissue
Seek relief from pulled muscles, knots, spasms and tender points through deeper therapy. This is achieved through the use of myofascial release and deep tissue manipulation to loosen adhesions below the skin.
50 min/$75      90 min/$105
Sports Massage
Therapy geared toward athletes and the particular stresses they place on their bodies. Concentrating  on increasing motion and flexibility, relieving muscle soreness, and promoting a quick recovery from muscle overuse.
50 min/$65      90 min/$95
Mini Massage
Upper body massage designed for someone who needs quick and therapeutic stress reliever.
30 min/$45
Prenatal Massage
Prenatal Massage is a form of massage that is geared to improve overall health and increase relaxation for the expecting mothers.   (2nd and 3rd trimester only)
50 min/$65      90 min/$95
Enjoy a complementary therapy that involves treating the body through the feet and/or hands. Treatment is based on the premise that there are reflex areas in the feet/hands which relate to all the body parts.
25 min/$40      50 min/$65
Therapeutic Stretching
Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a manual technique that combines a series of short, controlled stretches with intervals of relaxation, which overrides your muscles' tendency to contract when stretched tight providing quick and effective results in alleviating pain and stiffness.
50 min/$65      90 min/$95

Aromatherapy Massage
Experience a massage which involves the use of essential oils to enhance the therapeutic and sensory benefits of your session customized for your individual needs and preferences. Choose from the following:
v  Muscle Tension Reduction
v  Energizing
v  Stress Reduction
v  Immune Enhancement.
Also available consultation of single note essential oils.  
50 min/$75      90 min/$105

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